Akanchya Maskay

Akanchya Maskay


Flood response: Bamboo as a material, emphasizes the flexibility and durability of bamboo as a building material. This community center is based in Banke, Nepal, where during flood season the site experiences up to 5-6 feet of flood. The community has an abundant area for bamboo farming but much of the material is used as food. The project introduces bamboo into the community as a stronger alternative to the current mud houses, which get swept annually by flooding. The form of the building is informed by the activities that take place in it and its location from the nearest river. The entirety of the building uses bamboo, from the walls to the windows. The building is built on a ground structure of cement and bamboo.

The low wall surrounding the compound creates a boundary around the community center without isolating it from the rest of the community. The walls also provide a sitting space for the locals, allowing them to interact with the center without having to enter the building.

In Banke, the flooding season lasts up to 4 months where residents are displaced temporarily during the season and months after. The community center houses up to 60 displaced residents. During regular seasons, the center becomes a hub that gives a safe space for empowerment activities, skill building and training regarding gender violence in the community.

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