Elias Martel

Elias Martel


Elias tries to express and to illustrate experience within the intersection between the transcendent and the quotidian. In his practice, the reconciliation of this dichotomy required a throughline into the combination of contrasting approaches to mark making; graphic, illustrative, abstract, figurative, and observational.

Elias received his BA from Bennington College, where he focused on painting, in the fall of 2020.

The senior work that Elias included in the Bennington senior exhibition were the pieces Paper Bag 1-4. Influences for this work include abstract expressionism, European Paleolithic cave-paintings, and comic books. Two sketches and two more completed pieces see the observed relationship of formal elements found in the studies of a paper bag through the process of being reimagined through monochrome into the description of something closer to a landscape in color.

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