Sonise Lumbaca

Sonise Lumbaca



I have a great appreciation for the various modes of storytelling because I love the idea of how they affect audiences differently. The intent of my work is to add another layer of storytelling. My ideas are expressed through writing, animation, filmmaking, and illustration. I am particularly drawn to fantasy, science fiction, and some history. I find that I look to my travels, experiences in life, and the experiences of others, as a source. I like observing to understand what causes experiences and outcomes for people. Learning these answers is important for me in understanding the human condition.

My work narrates real-life situations that people experience, sometimes controversial on one hand, while at the other end of the spectrum trivial. I like to incorporate these experiences into sci-fi, fantasy and other fantastical fictional genres. I find it intriguing to focus on the darkness, satire and irony of experiences, and while I sometimes conclude with “happy endings,” I am drawn to creating an unexpecting ending for my audiences. My process begins with writing stories and then translating them into illustrations, and more recent, animations and live-action films.

For my work live-action animated film Cravings, I focused on the topic of the craving experience. Cravings can be for just about anything; however I focus on food to represent the overall emotion of craving something. We need food to live, so where is that balance? What causes people to crave or engage in snacking after eating a meal that appears to have satiated their appetite? While I don’t explore the answer to this scientifically, because the answers are complex and vary, my film takes this idea from a humorous stand point, blaming the food itself as entities on a mission to be consumed, while highlighting their disdain for food waste.

Medium: Live-action animation film. HD Video.
Running Time: 00:34:57
Credits: Actors: Sonise Lumbaca, Yakuza Hamamoto Lumbaca the Cat
Voice Acting: Sonise Lumbaca
Film, Edits & Artwork: Sonise Lumbaca
Music: Ayesha DeRaville
Found Footage: Free Green Screen Video Game Footage by Uniquation

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