Melih Meric

Melih Meric


Sur” is a spatial intervention in the form of print media installation. It’s purpose is to claim the space through a combination of analog and digital processes. It is designed to enhance the identity of the patio surrounding it, rather than disguise it. 

Sur means the wall of a castle. I have tried my best to keep this work up, but unfortunately it has been decided by Bennington College that it will have to come down by May 28th. Fully knowing and realizing that uninstall will mean the destruction of the work, labor, effort and materials as I am unable to take the work with me, or re assemble in any way.

Laser-cut and hand carved woodblock prints (144x) on Domestic Etching paper, laser cut acrylic pieces, string, archival double-sided adhesive, marker.

Special thanks to John Umphlett, Thorsten Dennerline, Farhad Mirza, Ann Pibal, J Stoner Blackwell, J. Vanessa Lyon and Sam Griffis and all my friends.

Photography by Sasha Black

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