Hanna Stebbins

Hanna Stebbins


First, choose an object that is close enough for you to see, feel, or sense in another way.
Using whatever machinery you have access to, reproduce your chosen object.
For the sake of this exercise, consider your eyes and hands to be a machine.
For the sake of this exercise, allow a sentence, word, or letter to be an object.
I will choose a wall mounted light fixture.
Your reproduction is the offspring of yourself and your chosen object.
Who am I in relation to the wall mounted light fixture?
What about a ceiling mounted light fixture?
Do you recognize your original object in your reproduction?
Do you recognize yourself in it?
Repeat the process of reproduction using new tools.
Start from your copy this time, not the original.
Ask the same questions of this new copy.
What information does it still contain?
Does it contain any information?

This could continue for a very long time.

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